How To Choose The Right Broker?

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You’re probably not going to go with the broker but again it’s all about choosing the right broker. It’s all about choosing the right loan officer and you know that’s what you need to do. You need to choose the right person. So I did a video if you want to know how to get the best interest rate I’ll put it up above. You could look at it but let’s go over what you really need to do when it comes to choosing a loan officer. You want to always start off with your real estate agent. First know maybe you could get a recommendation from your real estate agent you could get a recommendation from friends, co-workers but dig a little deeper. Don’t just get that recommendation. Ask enough to say why you think this loan officer is so good. Why are you referring me to this person? What is it about them that makes them so good? You can also go and take a look at sites like Yelp. Go to their LinkedIn page check their website. Read up on them but overall loan officers are horrible at marketing so don’t hold that against them.

I know when I was a loan officer I wasn’t the best marketer in the world. So you know you definitely want to dig a little deeper and ask him and then when you’re talking to them just like an interview in a real estate agent. You need to ask them two questions at least. These two questions why should I work for you and why should I work for your company? Basically, let them tell you what makes them good. Let them tell you why you should be working with them. If they don’t have an answer to those questions you really have to wonder but you know you definitely talk to your real estate agent. That’s a good source and just make sure the loan officer knows what they’re doing.  I mean feel free to ask them what training you have. I mean I never got this when I was in a loan office. When I was one officer but I had no problem I don’t have it when people ask me. This is a real estate agent if they’re interviewing me or asking about my experience or how long I’ve been in the business or why they should work with me or what makes my company good.

It’s not as important as a realtor but what the loan officer it’s everything if you go into the better business bureau and they don’t have a good rating. You really have to wonder if that someone who you want to work with. So do these and you’re going to be good to go but definitely pick loan officer at the end of the day get someone that you trust to get someone that you know is knowledgeable. Who’s been in the business that you feel has the proper training because one thing I discuss in my video? How to get a really good interest rate is it’s more about the loan program. If you’re in the wrong loan program the interest rate doesn’t matter and if you choose a loan officer that doesn’t understand different loan programs and they put you in the wrong one program. You could have a great interest rate that one program but it may not be the greatest interest rate you could get or you need.


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